We love Music Together in The Valley!!! This class was a Mother's Day gift for me and my son (from my husband) when he was 8 months old. He's almost 3 now! We have a 16 mo old too and both of my boys love classes! We attribute a lot of their language development to this program. It is so engaging and beneficial! We are lifers!

Holly T

This class has visibly benefited our 2 daughters on so many levels!! Musically, creatively, verbally, socially, I have seen such dramatic and wonderful advances in both of them! We are now beginning our fourth session, and I can't wait to see and hear what they do next!

Anya W.

My son has been doing this for a few years now... he is 3 and he always is busting out in song and dance without hesitation and now sings so well it is just adorable. It was interesting to see him start to talk and sing much quicker than his peers and I believe that this class was a big reason for that. I have a second child now and will have him with us as well! so worth it!

Molly B.

We LOVE Music Together in the Valley! We have been taking these classes since my daughter was an infant and watching her musical comprehension and love grow is amazing. My son has also been attending since he was a baby and our Saturday morning classes are one of our favorite family activities.

Hilary B.

We started our son in Music Together® at 18 months and are still going strong a year later! We love the music, the mindful instruction, and the wonderful friends we’ve made.

Emily H.

We love Music Together! It’s an amazing program and I’ve really enjoyed seeing my son respond to music at all stages of development. What a great foundation for young brains!

Heidi K.

My youngest son and I really enjoy the Music Together classes. It is a wonderful and educational experience!


My 4 yr old son loves the interactive way these classes are run. He gets to try many different instruments and gets to move his body to the music.


I've done Music Together with both of my girls. They look forward to it each week. It has been my favorite activity I've done with them.


My son loves the class and I love the fact that I enjoy it too. It is for him but I secretly look forward to it every week, too.


Music Together is such a wonderful experience for children and their families! The songs are so catchy and contagious! We love incorporating what we sing in class into everyday activities!